SOE Plant Generator is Ukraine’s leader in production of the following electric vacuum and semiconductor devices in microwave range: continuous and pulsed amplifying klystrons, continuous generator klystrons, continuous and pulsed magnetrons, sophisticated integrated devices based on klystrons and solid-state devices, continuous and pulsed traveling-wave tubes, semiconductor amplifying modules.

 SOE Plant Generator jointly with Special Design Office Spectrum developed a process for regeneration of High-Power Pulsed Klystron KIU-77 and mastered serial production of its Ukrainian counterpart Klystron UA KIU-5, which serves as the base microwave device in Radar Stations 19Zh6, 35D6, which are the key combat components of the Radar Forces of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

 Since 2000, the Plant has been conducting classified repair of the complete sets of Klystrons KG-3, KU-137 and KIU-43 that provide the combat power of S300PS Anti-Aircraft Missile Systems, which form the basis of the Anti-Aircraft Missile Forces of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

 For the purposes of import substitution, research and design was conducted for development and mastering of serial production of Multibeam Pulsed Klystron UA KIU-7 to provide configuration of prospective Ukrainian Radar Stations 79K6 and Zoopark-3.

 The company also supplies solid-state microwave devices of various types.

 For the production of electric vacuum and solid-state microwave devices, the company is equipped with the required thermal (hydrogen and vacuum ovens), welding (laser, electronic beam, argon arc), evaporation equipment, scavenger stations, acceptance and delivery stands for each category of devices, the complete set of equipment for mechanical and climatic testing. The devices are assembled in the conditions of vacuum hygiene and testing is conducted shielded locations.

 The Plant’s infrastructure provides production with the following high-purity process gases: hydrogen, nitrogen, argon and helium.

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