The Production Structure of the company provides for the manufacture of microwave devices and gas meters in closed cycle and consists of a group of key departments as follows:


  - Mechanical Department for Production of Parts for Microwave Devices;

  - Assembly Department for Production of Cathodes and Assemblies of Microwave Devices;

  - Assembly Department for Production and Measurement of Electric Parameters of Microwave Devices;

  - Gas Meter Parts Production Department;

  - Gas Meter Assembly Department;

  - Department of Special Machine Building and Production of Tooling.


 and a group of auxiliary departments and services as follows:


  - Central Testing Station;

  - Power Department;

  - Nitrogen, Hydrogen and Oxygen Station;

  - Repair and Construction Department;

  - Transport Department.


The microwave equipment is manufactured by the Special Machine Building Department.

 The production of microwave devices, gas meters and microwave equipment is conducted in compliance with the design and process documentation produced by Chief Designer’s Office, Chief Technologist’s Office and Research and Technical Center Contour.



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